growthDiscount Merchant Funding has the experience in helping companies grow and increase cash flow in almost every type of industry, including those that other funding companies will not fund. With a loyal client following and customer testimonials to back it up Discount Merchant Funding is a sound financial partner for your business.

Simply put we provide fast funding for your business, but most importantly we provide the right tools at the right time to help your business increase its cash flow.

Why not get funding from a bank?
Many clients find they spend months and lengthy application requirements and stipulation only to be turned down in the end after expending great time and effort. Bank funding is a great choice for some, however many times banks put small and medium sized businesses through a lengthy application process and do not provide the funding amount needed or reject funding completely. Your business is too valuable to waste an extended period of time only to get an answer that is not in-line with your best interests. If you need to take advantage of an opportunity and need capital quickly, discount merchant funding is the right partner for your funding needs.

Why not use another merchant funding company?
There are several reputable funding companies who can provide your business with funding. However be wary of funding companies that offer large amounts of cash right out of the gate. Although this can be enticing it can put your business in a financial stranglehold over the long run because many times when you need additional financing a few months later, many of these companies will require you to pay off your original balance with another, doubling your effective factor rate. Discount merchant funding does not recommend this

What about other funding options?
There are many funding options available to you such as taking on an investor or partner.
While this is the right option for some it can have long-term implications and strip you of the flexibility and decision making options that you need to be successful. Financially the choice is simple; a partner will take 50% of your earnings permanently. An advance wont. Our funding gets to the U need is over quickly allowing all your cash flow to return to you.