Discount Merchant Funding is THE premier financial FUNDING firm that provides financing for small and medium-size businesses throughout the United States.

We provide IMMEDIATE funding for businesses in the form of:

  • Cash advances – learn more
  • Equipment leases – learn more
  • Factoring programs – learn more

We have your best interest in mind. OUR INTERESTS RUN PARALLEL.

Our management team is comprised of successful business individuals who know what it takes to HELP YOUR BUSINESS GROW WITH THE PROPER TYPE AND AMOUNT OF FINANCING. For this reason we help you determine the right amount of funding you need to grow your business and provide easy options for additional funding if needed.




Discount Merchant Funding has a specific approach and philosophy

  • We help business owners obtain capital to fund projects that increase their cash flow
  • We always recommend taking the least amount of funding needed to accomplish the objective
  • We do not recommend over funding
  • We do not recommend taking funds in excess of what  WE qualify you for
  • We do not recommend taking funds for purposes that will not increase cash flow
  • We aim to help our clients by adding on funds if/when needed to an existing advance, rather than making them pay off existing balances whenever possible
  • We are looking for long term symbiotic relationships with business owners looking to grow or repair their businesses
  • We are looking for business owners who want an objective consultant to tell them the truth and help them and their businesses
  • We want to be Johnny on the spot, to back you up when you need  insurance. Insurance that your business will be able to access cash when it needs it and operate smoothly and confidently.
  • That is the value of partnering with Discount Merchant Funding as your funding source.

We believe we provide our clients with a competitive edge that allows them to get to
the next level of profitability.

With this philosophy in mind our financial team will work with you on a one-on-one basis to identify your needs and give you the best solution for success.

  • Funding Large & Small:
    Financing is available from $5,000 to $500,000
  • Fast Funding:
    Funding as fast as same-day
  • Financing when you need it:
    Ability to provide additional funds prior to paying back initial funding. It allows you to take as little as possible and to get obtain additional financing when you need it instead of being overloaded with financing from the get-go. Called “Add on financing” This is a key factor that saves our clients a tremendous amount of money and keeps them coming back again and again to our firm